1. Carcass:
use 18mm thick moisture resistant particle board with low formaldehyde emission (E1 class)

2. Two different colors on the inside and outside panels seek the color harmonization with the carcass.

3. 1mm thick edge banding is applied on four edges.

4. soft-closing rubber gasket introduce from REHAU (Germany) that protects from the annoying infiltration of dust and ensures soft and silent door closing.

5. Use 18mm thick moisture-resistant back panel on the base unit for greater stability and better moisture resistant.

6. Aluminium front edge on the shelves prevents things from following down, while the special tilt-prevention support used for the shelves avoids unpleaseant accidents due to uneven loads.

7. Movable bottom panel on the base sink unit, low down the damage of water seepage, easy to fix when cleaning the drainage pipe.

8. The front edges of the base sink units are fitted with a aluminium that prevents from corrosion and rustiness.

9. edge banding on the job-site for the cutting holes

10. Assemble the carcass by chem lock, tenon and mortise.

11. Maximum saves space by using the blind and diagonal corner cabinet.

12. Blum hinge, easy setup and assembly, 3-dimensional adjustment and hinges for angled solutions from -50*to +50*

13. ABS adjustable levelers with 500KG load-bearing per leg.

14. Eeasy fix and disassemble clip aluminium toe kick.